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Jin teaches Vinyasa-based yoga with emphasis on finding ease in movement and breath. She is a RYS certified instructor, and has been teaching since 2007.  Certified in both adult and children’s yoga, creative yoga therapy, and Thai yoga massage, she has worked with numerous individuals, as well as being a volunteer teacher for Yoga Foster, a non-profit organization that offers yoga outreach programs for public schools.  She enjoys integrating her various yoga training and life experience thereby offering a mix of relaxation, challenge, creativity, and insight.  She believes everyone should be given the gift of wisdom on nurturing the body and mind, and her mission is to do just that through sharing the joy of yoga with others.


Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is a specialized approach using the tools of yoga such as posture, breath and mental focus to address a specific health challenge and optimize overall sense of wellness. It supports both preventative and rehabilitation efforts as well as maintaining optimal condition of the body and mind.

How it Works

Upon initial assessment of posture, movement, breathing and lifestyle pattern, a combination of yogic tools such as active/passive poses, breath-work, deep relaxation, guided meditation and mindfulness techniques will be applied to tailor the session.

Combining Therapeutic Yoga + Physical Therapy

Yoga sessions can be purchased independently or added as part of your physical therapy regime to further assist in rehabilitation efforts at Prehab Physiotherapy Clinic.

After care: Appropriate corrective measures

A tailored home-practice is given at the end of each session to help participants cultivate a healthy lifestyle and engage in their own recovery while moving independently in their daily lives. Consistent and careful monitoring through follow-up will be conducted.


Relieves pain

Increases flexibility and joint mobility

Improves balance and posture

Creates healthy muscle tone

Strengthens bones

Nourishes intervertebral discs

Supports immune system

Lowers stress

Lowers blood pressure

Relaxes nervous system

Improves focus and brain function

Fosters healthier lifestyle


Q: How are the sessions different from public yoga classes?

A: The sessions are highly tailored by taking account details such as the natural constitution of the body and lifestyle habits. Because it is customized, it is especially beneficial for those recovering from injury, surgery or specific health conditions as it will offer an appropriate guideline for a safe and effective practice that makes sense to the individual.

Q: How can yoga help when I’m already taking physical therapy treatment?

A: Yoga is a wonderful compliment to physical therapy. The non-invasive method such as gentle yet effective movement is safe and can be incorporated to your daily exercise regime which bolsters recovery. Studies have also shown yoga to be helpful in pain management as well as keeping the mind in a positive state while navigating health challenges.

Q: Is it appropriate for someone who has never tried yoga? Is there a level?

A: There are no levels and no yoga experience is required. Everyone has the necessary tools, which is breath, body and awareness.

Q: How do I prepare for a session?

A: Wear comfortable clothing with no restriction in movement. Avoid a heavy meal before session, (do not eat 2 hours before) and you are good to go!


Class Schedule

  • Drop in Class


  • 5 Classes

    $19 (total $90 - expires in 3 months)

  • 10 Classes

    $18 (total $180 - expires in 4 months)

Please RSVP via e-mail to register and save your spot

All props including mats are included

  • After-Work Yoga:

    Tuesday 6pm (UES)

  • Candlelight Yoga:

    Wednesdays 8pm (Queens)

  • Restorative:

    Thursdays 6pm (UES)

  • Wknd Vinyasa:

    Saturdays 11am (UES)

  • Power Vinyasa:

    Sundays 11:45am (Queens)


Upper East Side


Sarah M.

``Hands down my favorite yoga teacher!``

April 6, 2017

I took my first yoga class with Jin 10 years ago and have been practicing with her ever since. I love her teaching style, she is firm but empathetic and works closely with her students to make sure they get the most out of their practice in a way that makes sense for their body.

The Wednesday night class is great for winding down after a long day, Sunday is more energetic and really gives you a workout, and the yoga barre class will really get you feeling those thigh and butt muscles!

I’ve also had the benefit of Jin’s yoga therapy at PreHab in Manhattan – she helped me work on a lower back issue and we figured out some effective but simple exercises I can do at home on my own.

Sarah M.

Jin provides a much-needed donation-based class in this yoga-starved neighborhood. I’ve been going to her Sunday morning class off and on since I moved to Woodside almost 2 years ago, and it’s become one of my favorite things about it. She also offers a “candle-lit” class on Wednesday evenings, but unfortunately my work schedule doesn’t allow me to attend.

Her classes are perfectly paced. The first few minutes are slow, she focuses on mobility and breathing, and move into the strength and stretch flow that I love about vinyasa. I’ve been having issues with recurrent neck pain since starting my job 4 years ago, and this class keeps me going, I always feel so much better afterwards. I’ve tried yoga all over the city, and have always left the other classes more annoyed then relaxed. They are either too expensive, or too crowded. Not here.

Thank you, Jin, for giving us a wonderful and affordable yoga class so close to home.

Crystal C.
Crystal C.
Karen S.

``Absolut Gem!``

February 11, 2017

I’ve been going to Jin’s yoga community class for a little over a year now after moving to the neighborhood in Dec 2015. Truthfully, I originally came to the classes because they were donation based and I was trying to save money, but I soon realized how great these classes were. Sunday classes are my favorite where I can work up a sweat while being guided to stay mindful of my body and how I feel. Jin is great at guiding the class to move thoroughly yet mindfully. Wednesday classes tend to be restorative and relaxing — something I often need. Just going to these classes 2x a week I’ve found myself getting stronger and stronger, and now I’m finding myself able to do a headstand (which I’ve never been able to do with my in-and-out yoga practice in the past). Lastly, I recently started going to Jin’s yoga barre class on Tuesday evenings and I’ve been enjoying experiencing Jin’s yogic knowledge applied to dance and cardio. Citara Yoga is an absolute gem in the neighborhood!

Karen S.

``After her class i feel so peaceful and renewed. Thank you Jin!``

I’ve been practicing yoga for many years with many different yoga teachers. Jin is by far the best there is. Her beautiful soul shines through and her knowledge of yoga exemplary. After her class i feel so peaceful and renewed. Thank you Jin.

Sherry G.
Sherry G.

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