Jin makes yoga accessible to people of all ages and background so more can enjoy the innate wisdom of this ancient practice to show up fully in life. 


She is a RYS certified instructor, and has been teaching since 2007. Certified in both adult and children’s yoga, creative yoga therapy, and Thai yoga massage, she enjoys integrating her various training and life experience thereby offering a mix of relaxation, challenge, creativity, and insight. 


Yoga Teacher + Physical Therapist

David helps students gain awareness of their natural movement through integrating physical therapy and yoga.

In conjunction to his yoga teacher certificate, he holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and uses his background as a PT to teach students how to move safely and effectively, individualizing the practice based on the person’s unique structure. He offers students a chance to learn proper mechanics of the physical body as well as the emotional and mental body.


Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist 

Shakeera shares the light of yoga through making conscious choices that benefit the mind, body, and the environment at large. 

She became a certified yoga instructor with Sadhana Yoga School in Fiji and received a RYT-500 certification from the School Yoga Institute in Peru. 

As a certified yoga teacher and a plant based nutritionist, she is not only passionate about asanas but helping others discover the positive benefits of living a compassionate lifestyle. 


Private Class

One-on-one session with emphasis on specificity. If recovering from an injury, tailored regime is available in collaboration with the medical team at Prehab.


  • By appointment only


  • Single - $129 

  • 5 sessions - $119  (total: $595)

  • 10 sessions - $110 (total: $1,100)


Semi- Private Class

Individualized group class with no more than six students. Enjoy the benefit of a private and group class combined. 

Reservation is required for each class to ensure your spot. All classes are 60 min.


  • Mon - 6pm

  • Tues - 6pm / 7:30pm

  • Wed - 6pm

  • Thu  - 6pm / 7:30pm

  • Sat - 11am

  • Sun - 11am  

  Class Package : Exp. 3/6 months

  • 10 sessions - $270

  • 20 sessions - $490

  Membership: Unlimited

  • 1 month - $170

  • 3 months - $450

Mindfulness Meditation

Guided meditation to cultivate deeper states of awareness, clarity and focus. Train both the body and mind for integrated embodiment. 



  • Sun - 12:15pm - 1pm


  • Suggested donation of $20   

  • Portion of the proceeds to go support a charity we sponsor

YLV  Special! 

Outdoor Classes at Central Park